Hi! My name is Abby!

I have always loved music, but I discovered in high school that I love teaching music equally as much.

I, myself, adhered to the “I can teach myself or just learn on the internet” school of thought for most of my life, and I can honestly say that there is a better way.

Some of the most critical components of learning music- accountability, critique, encouragement, creativity- can only be attained when another human being is involved. Yes, there are humans uploading videos onto the internet. BELIEVE ME, I have probably watched them all. But will your internet teacher be there to high-five you when you master that sweet guitar riff, or be a shoulder to cry on when you are overcome by frustration? I think not.

One of my favorite things in life is the moment a child’s eyes are opened to the limitless ocean of creative expression available for them in music. Good days, bad days, and absolutely impossible days become no match for this world of possibilities that they have full access to. Mozart, Art Tatum, Yo-Yo Ma, the list goes on and on- children who didn’t limit themselves to what they thought they should be able to do, but simply what they were capable of:


It is a privilege that I do not take lightly to discover with children what they are capable of. I value the fun and excitement of learning music as much as the discipline and determination. I am just as impressed by mental and emotional barriers being overcome as I am physical milestones being passed. The only thing standing between a child and musical virtuosity is the idea that they can’t do it.

And it is my job to stand in the gap and tell them that they can.

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